Sunday, October 16, 2011

S|S: Study Sunday


Had a yummy breakfast to fuel my day-long cramming session for my two midterms tomorrow
Leftover veggie pizza w water in my wine glass because my cups are in the washer. I actually love the wine glass substitute!
 It's going to be a nice warm day out but the coffee house will be a little cooler so I chose a mix of short/long pieces. I'm such a fan of black|white pairings. I used to FORCE myself to pick colors when I go shopping but the only pieces I end up purchasing always happened to be black. white. or gray...
 White Oversized Dress Shirt (Redopin)
Black Spaghetti Tank  Urban Outfitters
Black Leather Shorts  Zara
Dark Gray Boots  Zara
My Favorite Black Everyday Bag  Nicoli

I love where I'm living right now and the fact that the cutest little coffee shop (Profeta) is down the street. It was a nice surprise to walk in and be greeted by two really cute baristas! I'll contemplate being a creeper and asking them for a photo to share.

That's a really fragrant, sweet, and STRONG Italiano! I'm still on sip 4 but I am WIDE AWAKE!

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