I'm not going to pretend that I'm some sort of wine connoisseur.
Nevertheless, I do enjoy my red wine.
There are so many reasons why...There's something so appealing about good conversation over a glass of red wine and little snacks. My dad and I also like to believe the science articles that boast of anti-aging properties of antioxidants found in wine.
Wine tastes so much better than any other kind of alcohol and the color is luxurious; with the right amount, it puts me in the best kind of serene mood; but mostly, I love wine because it makes me nostalgic.

See, my dad enjoys wine so much that he ventured out to create his own label.
In the process of learning about wines and the business, he often brought home new wines for my family to try. My mom and I would make all kinds of foods to pair with the wines. Together, we had many fun family nights trying to guess different vintages and price ranges for the wines over some delicious food concoctions. 

This is the wine label that my dad finally came up with. It's only found in restaurants and hotels in China for now.
The name was inspired by my brother's name and my name combined.
The "ZOFI" came from my name (Sophia)
and "LENO" from my brother's (Leonard)


Wine Diary

Cabernet Sauvignon
Vintage 2009
Paso Robles
Notes: Light and fruity. Tasted flowery. Still a little sharp going down.
Rating: 4/5

Cabernet Sauvignon
Vintage 2008
Paso Robles
Notes: OMG. love. Paired well with olive bread, chocolate, cayenne seafood and quinoa. Such a good deal at Ralphs (sold out by now)
Rating: 5/5

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