Sunday, September 9, 2012

Restaurant Review | Dialogue on Teahouse in Rowland Heights

I actually found out about this place from Wong Fu Productions. Click [HERE] for the youtube video. Everything always looks cuter and prettier in their videos and when they filmed at this cute cafe, I had to read the info to see where it was. Then I saw that it was in Rowland! Definitely bookmarked it.

I came here to sit and read for a couple of hours on a weekday and it was pretty quiet except for lunch time. I didn't know it was CASH ONLY "for now" though and did not have enough cash on me. I asked the...presumably from her demeanor...owner if there was an ATM around and she just told me to order first if I'm really thirsty. I looked at the menu and everything was more than the $3 I had so I just said I would go get some cash first. She said not to worry about it, this will be on the house as my first treat!!! I felt bad though and insisted on giving her my $3 at least for tip and she took it, opened the cash register, and gave me back $2 saying, "you should keep cash on you". How sweet and amazing is that?!

I got the iced Oolong Tea with no sweetener. It was DELIGHTFUL. The perfect steep time and they threw in a leaf for garnish/extra flavor. 

They are a little peculiar with their customer service/display of disaffection though. On several times within my visit, there was some yelling going on in the kitchen area. 

Nonetheless, it's a very cute place with good tea. I would love to come back with some cash next time and try their food and shaved ice.

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