Thursday, September 13, 2012

Restaurant Review | Chapter One: The Modern Local in Santa Ana

I felt a little skeptical driving off the 5 freeway and into DTSA...but having lived in LA for a while, I've learned that you could find gems in the least expected places. 

PARKING: Made a right onto Broadway and I started nodding my head and thinking...this looks more like it. I parked right in front of the restaurant at the meters which are free after 8pm. yay! :]


Smoked Salmon Nachos: 4 wonton chips with a melon-baller-sized ball of smoked salmon + a white dressing (cream cheese?) and a few greens. It was an artistic take on lox, surprisingly good, and paired so well with the red wine!

Seafood Étouffée: A huge fried wonton bowl + a good amount of seafood + risotto is how I would describe it. The dish was absolutely delicious.


I got the Granrojo Granche. the descriptions say "amazingly balanced cherry & blueberry tones"...I never know where they get the fruity tones from because all I get is fermented grapes but they were spot on with the "amazingly balanced". Not too sweet, not too tannic, not too anything. So easy to drink and paired really well with the food we got.

Our reservations were for 7:15pm, 15 minutes after Happy Hour...but when the bill came...I had to make sure I didn't have one sip too many...turns out our lovely server charged me HH price for my appetizer anyway! [Less-than-3]

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