Sunday, October 30, 2011

Home Kitchen: Trader Joe's in my Apartment

I live right above Trader Joe's and that is oh-so-good for my palate,  but oh-so-bad for my wallet!!

Whoever says cooking for one is impossible has my envy because they must always be cooking for loved ones. I love going home and cooking for the family and friends but for the next month and a's breakfast/lunch/dinner for 1 since I have no life trying to finish my last undergrad quarter taking 6 science upper divisions :( haha

I have a habit (probably harbored from my yelping days) of snapping photos of all my food. I don't really know what to do with them but I suppose they make a nice lookbook for my 10 minute concoctions...Most with salmon...I'm probably going to get mercury poisoning or something!

My little philosophy in eating healthy is to eat the RAINBOevery single day. Eat a little bit of everything and never too much of anything. I don't own any cooking oil - seriously...whoever invented non-stick cookware was a genius. I should get some olive oil...but I never use enough of it before it starts going bad :/  I do eat a lot of nuts, fish, and avocados so I guess that makes up for it a bit.

Without further babbling...PICTURES!

Garlic Basil Spinach Pasta w Corn + Sea Bass + Roma Tomato

Whole Wheat English Muffin w Black Beans + Corn + Avocado + Veggie Chips

Margherita Pizza on WW Naan Bread + Vegan Mozzarella + Roma Tomatoes + Basil + Marinara

Salmon Arugula Salad w Multigrain Pilaf + Lemon Pepper Vinegrette

Kale n Salmon w Cayenne + Basil + Rosemary + Sea Salt

Same as Above

Basically same as above :] so good! 
Curry Tofu w Kale + Shoyu Sauce
Veggie Fried Rice w Frozen Mixed Rice Medley + Egg White + a bunch of  different leftover veggies

Bean + Corn Romain Wraps

Fried Rice w Egg White + Seaweed
Smoked Salmon Salad w Toast + Strawberries + Mixed Greens + Strawberry/Dijon/Agave Vinegrette

Miso Veggie Soup (okay the miso n nori wasn't from TJ's but everything else was!)

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